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8 Tips to Learn How to Sing Better

In this article, I will show give you 8 tricks that will help you learn how to sing better with more comfort.


  1. Keep your mouth wide open when you are singing. If you keep your mouth closed, it is highly likely that you will tighten your tongue and cannot reach all the glitz of resonators. A good rule is that of keeping 2-finger gap; if it is possible to fit your two fingers between the teeth when you sing, particularly with open vowels i.e. ‘ah’ and ‘oh’), you are actually doing it well.
  1. To have your tongue in a relaxed state is essential. A stiff tongue is responsible between 65% and 85% of the vocal issues. What’s worse is that majority of people have no idea if they have this issue of stiffens in tongue. To find out if you are facing this issue, you have to stand in front of the mirror, sing and notice if your tongue’s tip is not usually at rest between front lower teeth. If it is so, you should improve and practice further learn how to relax your tongue.
  2. Avoid breathing air excessively; if you do so, the air pressure is created in torso that blocks air and it becomes a hindrance when you are singing, especially high notes and it also is a reason of stiffness in the neck. To fix this problem, start practicing breathing exercises.
  3. Hold the larynx in steadier position; in case you notice that it is moving up or down when you sing, you are using up your vocal cords completely and actually hurting them. To fix this issue, hold larynx during you sing and practice, so it does not move and you can improve with practice.
  4. Open and keep back of your mouth relaxed as it allows mouth’s front to open even wider. In case of closed back of mouth, your voice will sound dull as well as tense. To get an idea of ​​this, hold ‘ng’ and feel if your mouth’s back is closed or open. Now pronounce ‘ah’ like being in a doctor's office and notice if that sound is more open.
  1. Sings with energy; singing is also a very physical activity. You must be excited about what you are doing or otherwise you sound dull or flat. Singing with energy helps you with the highest marks. You must get excited before singing and make some jumps or walk a bit before you start and you will realize how much it helps.
  2. You feel what you are singing. Music is a form of expression, it is alive and has a great ability to influence people who listen to you, but it is only true when you feel what you are singing. Try to connect with the song through some experiences.
  3. Singing should be like talking, so there should be no pressure or strain. These sensations usually occur when the vocal cords are forced.


For more tips on singing and some of the best singing steps check out some other websites. I hope you will follow these guidelines for a few days and once you mastered one, go to the next. If you try to cover all the guidelines altogether, you may not be able to advance with success.